Sur-Ron Ebike

Sur Ron Storm Bee

Electric Dirt Bike Performance

Sur Ron bike, a name synonymous with innovation in the electric off-road bike world, is on the verge of raising the bar yet again with its latest creation, the Storm Bee. This full-size electric dirt bike boasts an impressive peak power output of 22.5 kW and a jaw-dropping 520 Nm of torque. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 3.6 seconds, the Storm Bee can accelerate from 0 to 80 km/h.

For riders seeking versatility, the Sur Ron Storm Bee lineup includes three enticing versions: the MX, enduro, and road-legal models.

Sur Ron Bike


Light Bee X

Light Bee X

Extreme Performance Electric Bike

The Sur Ron X bike seamlessly combines the fierce spirit of a dirt bike with the nimbleness of a downhill mountain bike. It’s the ultimate lightweight champion of the electric off-road realm, promising an exhilarating ride like no other.

Light Bee L1E

Your Urban Riding Companion

Sur Ron introduces the Light Bee L1E, equipped with the same potent power system as the Light Bee X. However, it’s been engineered to adhere to stringent road regulations, ensuring you can legally tear up the streets. The road-ready package includes an LCD Dashboard, LED headlights, front and rear fenders, indicators, and brake lights, making it just as at home on urban roads as off them.

Welcome to the era of cutting-edge electric performance bikes

Sur Ron electric bikes are gaining immense popularity worldwide, captivating riders across diverse disciplines such as Trials, Enduro, Hill Climbing, Exploration, and Freestyle. With an unrivaled level of torque, these bikes have earned the loyalty of even the most seasoned riders.

Whether you prioritize Integration, Design, or Performance, Sur Ron ebike consistently raise the bar, setting new industry standards in every facet. Welcome to the future of electric performance bikes — welcome to Sur Ron™

Why are Sur-Ron E-Bikes so popular?

The SUR-RON Light Bee is a powerful yet compact electric motorcycle that is popular with riders of all ages and abilities due to its innovative technology and attractive design.

Innovative Technology

The heart of the SUR-RON Light Bee is its powerful electric motor, which allows the bike to travel on roads and off-road trails at speeds of up to 80 km/h. This engine offers enormous tuning potential. With plug-and-play controllers such as the TORP TC 500, the Light Bee’s power can be increased from 6000 watts to 17000 watts (23 hp). In addition, the bike has a long range of up to 69 kilometers, making it perfect for trips into nature.
Another special feature of the SUR-RON Light Bee is its advanced battery system, which allows the driver to fully charge the battery in just 2 hours. This technology makes it easy to have the bike ready when you need it.

Accessories and Conversion Potential

Since the Light Bee has been on the market since 2015 and has established itself as a top seller, the range of accessories is correspondingly generous. EVERYTHING on this e-bike can be tuned and replaced. Popular upgrades include black aluminum footrests, a rise handlebar, the SUR-RON Mudflap mudguard and a FOX or Rockshoxs downhill fork. The conversion potential is gigantic and everyone can convert their own SUR-RON according to their individual wishes.
You can even convert your SUR-RON into a SNOWBIKE. The matching KIT from the well-known manufacturer TrackNGo is available.

The sophisticated gearbox of the SUR-RON Light Bee and Ultra Bee does not require an oil change! In this way, a lot of maintenance costs are saved. First, the power from the engine is transferred to an axle via a V-belt. This part of the power transmission is called the primary drive. The secondary drive now transmits the power via a chain from the axle to the rear wheel.

Attractive Design

In addition to its innovative technology, the SUR-RON Light Bee is also a real eye-catcher thanks to its attractive design. With its clear lines and futuristic shapes, it is a real eye-catcher on the street.
In addition, the bike offers a variety of customizable options, such as different colors and stylish sticker decors, which allow the rider to design the bike according to their wishes and preferences.

Numerous Applications

Regardless of whether you want to use the bike for long trips, as a means of transport in the city or as an off-road machine – the SUR-RON ebike offers the perfect solution for every application.
With its high performance and compact design, it is perfect for fast and agile rides on roads and paths. In addition, its long range and advanced battery system also offer sufficient power for long trips.